Honda BRV Car Armrest Storage Box


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Honda BRV Car Armrest Storage Box

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Due to the complexity of global car types,To give you a better product experience, it is recommended that you confirm compatibility before ordering. If the handbrake station inside your car is different from the handbrake station shown in the picture on my website,Please contact us to inform the model and year before purchasing, and send me a photo of the handbrake station in your car, and I will recommend the most suitable armrest box for your. happy shopping! Thank you!


A, Double layer can raise 7usb
B, Single layer can raise LED 7USB
C, Rotatable single layer
D, Scalable double layer
(Color: black, beige, gray optional)

For models:For Nissan Sunny

The armrest box is suitable for the handbrake platform of the following corresponding car types, please confirm and purchase.

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Product details map

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A double-layer rise 7USB Type (Give Data cable and charger)

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B single layer rise LED light 7USB Type (Give Data cable and charger)

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C rotatable single layer

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D retractable double layer

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Company Profile


inaxh is an innovative and dynamic brand that ,Focus on the research and development of automotive peripheral products and professional parts. It has been developing products with customer experience as the center point. It has been favored by consumers for its high quality for many years and is in a leading position in the industry in China.

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Color Name

C1 Black red No USB, C2 Black black NoUSB, D1 Black red No USB, D2 Black black NoUSB, D3 Black white NoUSB, B1 Black red 7USB, B2 Black black 7USB, B3 Black white 7USB, A1 Black red 7USB, A2 Black black 7USB, A3 Black white 7USB




2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Item Height


Item Length


Material Type

Leather / ABS plastic

Item Type


Special Features

Armrest box

Item Weight


Item Width


Model Name

For Honda BR-V

External Testing Certification



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